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hashtegs replied to your post: thanks for all the lovely comments on …

IT Crowd? :p

zerachin replied to your post: thanks for all the lovely comments on …

dat gif… bless u

dudes, i have so many IT Crowd gifs its stupid

like, how do i hold all these gifs

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thanks for all the lovely comments on my last upload!
I’ll see what I can do about gathering up some recent traditionally colored pieces and putting them up for sale on my storenvy :)  so keep a look out for the announcement!

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I really need to use more traditional media cause its really quite calming  


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drawing her makes me happy.

07.21.14 Pannaocsscribblesart
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what a loser.

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piebutt replied to your photoset “There’s a lot of stuff I draw that just doesn’t make it to tumblr for…”

I…I want this on a t-shirt or print or ANYTHING. SO BAD ;o;

actually, i originally made the design to be on tee-shirts, but since i don’t have the funds for that, i may try to make it a print or something :D

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There’s a lot of stuff I draw that just doesn’t make it to tumblr for whatever reason.  This happened to be one of them….

So, enjoy a Sailor Fionna and Cake, saving the Land of Ooo with an Adventurous Might.

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blondie-airlines Ask: Hi! Love your blog! Your art is amazing!! What do you use to make it??

for my digital stuff, I mostly use Photoshop

also, I plan to update my FAQ with other frequently asked questions, so make sure to check that out
(and everyone, let me know if there’s anything else I need to add to the list)

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my very overdue art trade with @mightier of her OC, Calibri. 
thanks again for trading with me! 8w8

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I’ve been trying to figure out how to answer this, but I am really bad at explanations… so I just drew up some eyes and colored them. 
M-most days I color a whole hell of a lot lazier than this tho (i got a bit too into the coloring part esp cause its such a small section ;; ) but yeah.  this is just how I draw them.  its fun to try different shapes as well :)

best wishes on all your eyeball drawing adventures!

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Anonymous Ask: fault in our stars is trash

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well. i wanted to do some drawing stuff today… but that didnt work out as planned. :(
I’ve been getting home pretty late the last couple days (normally i get home late anyway bc of my job), and then today i had a pretty gnarly headache left over from last night.  no worries tho. ill draw up stuff for these asks a little later!

Although, i did manage to sneak some time in to see the Fault In Our Stars movie.  make sure to bring a tissue if you go see it. :O
also next week is HTTYD2!!!

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skyneverthelimit Ask: your art is beautiful :)

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pew pew


I’ve been trying to figure out some easy warm-up ideas without stressing myself out, PLUS make me less of a ghost on here…


I’m opening up my ask box for questions about my ocs, or for my ocs to answer themselves.  and ill doodle up little replies.  I’m not going to answer them all at once, but I figured this was a nice idea, plus maybe draw ocs I’ve neglected a little ;3;  

here they all are incase you aren’t familiar with any them or forgot about their loser faces

reblogging cause id love to get some more oc asks ;3; or any asks for me to doodle up little replies to ;3;