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eskimmy replied to your post: sketchbook preorder update


LMAO i made sure to order several extras to have up for sale later :)  I’ll put them up after I’ve sent out all of the preorders.

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sketchbook preorder update

For those of you waiting, I talked to someone at the print shop about the books today. 

apparently, there was a miscommunication with one of their staff members (best way to explain it), but the guy I spoke to said they would be printed today.  HOPEFULLY he will expedite the shipping so I can have them by the weekend.

Thank you guys so much for waiting and being patient.

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beyondtheredstars Ask: Hi it's been a month since I ordered so I've become anxious. When will the preorders becoming in?

I’m getting real anxious as well.  I contacted the print company the other day and haven’t heard back from them yet.  If I don’t hear from them by tomorrow, I’m calling them and going to have a few choice words with em.

Sorry for the delay but thank you for being patient


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it’s cut off for me, i’m on a 1366x768 res computer

I’m sorry.  I moved it up a little, but I don’t plan on changing its location unless I change my theme.  My suggestion would be to shrink your page size (like 75%, ect), or add  /page/page# to the end of the url

EDIT: or, like adrianelinerush says, just browse through the archive?

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bumblebee-business Ask: where's the navigation? sorry i cant find it ;;

its right under the sidebar

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peppperminty Ask: Ahh oh my gosh I saw your art on my dash with the girl with the blue hair and I just wanted to say wow it's very beautiful it gave me huge inspiration and just want to go get colored pencils and draw. It made me super excited to want to draw oh man I don't know how to explain that but yes your art is great. c:

oh gosh! this message gives me so many feel good feels, its like I’m Jimmy JR listening to music


but for reals, oh man! that’s amazing! I hope you draw many wonderful things! Being an inspiration to someone is probably the best compliment you can receive. wow.  
Thank you so much for this wonderful message! I’m gonna go weep joyous tears into my colored pencil box. <3

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Anonymous Ask: Hi there! I just stumbled across your blog and saw your drawing with the girl and blue and white and i wanted to tell you that it's very pretty and it seems like you put the Christmas spirit on paper :)

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Anonymous Ask: What kind of pencils do you use?

im assuming you mean my colored pencils?  i dont have brand specific pencils… i have a bunch of different kinds and just use whatever is around.

if its pencil pencils… then something mechanical :U .05 up to .09 lead

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saladmanderps Ask: I ALMOST CHOKED ON MY SaLami, your are is so nice!!

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beyondtheredstars Ask: Has the preorders been delivered to ur house yet. Can't wait till I get mine.

sadly, I haven’t gotten them yet.. its been about 2 weeks which is around their turnover time.. so,
FINGERS CROSSED they should be shipped to me soon.  I’ll let yal know when I get them tho! 

Thanks so much for being patient! 8w8

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Anonymous Ask: tutorial ; u ;

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Anonymous Ask: Is there anyway you could possibly do a tutorial on how you do those traditional drawings on toned paper?

probably not, mostly because I forget to stop and take photos…. so


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omfg, thank you so much for the wonderful person who bought both of my originals!  i cannot thank you enough, and I will make sure they get to you swiftly and safely! 


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finally have these 2 originals posted up on my online store for sale!  
They come matted and framed, as they are in the photos above (unless requested otherwise).

gonna need the extra cash this month to help cover bills, so if you’re interested in either of these two, please check out the link above! 8H8


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: D