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Anonymous Ask: How long do your drawings take?

depending on what they are.. it could be like 15-30ish minutes for little scribbles, or a few hours for big stuff.  
it also depends on how many distractions there are.

like dogs on youtube

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Anonymous Ask: Hi ves! How do u draw braids?


(ps. here’s a good tutorial if youre stuck on braids)

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Anonymous Ask: Your ink work comes out so nice! Do you do a sketch under it?

usually i do, yeah.  
esp since I’m not super confident in my traditional ink work, having a sketch beneath helps it become less stressful.

inktober is a good chance to gain a little more confidence in traditional ink work :)

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since a lot of you suggested I post these daily, I’ll try to do that.

inktober’s day 5; this one is a little smaller cause I start these at work and today was a short day.

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caydencat Ask: ahhh I love love love your art and I'm curious what you used to ink for your recent inktober post <3? It's just lovely <3~~

I used this, and its a pretty good roller ball pen (it comes in many ink colors too).
the big black spots are just filled in with a marker.


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nerakkb Ask: hi, i was just going through your blog and i absolutely love your art and i was wondering if you have a deviantart or any other site that would allow a follower to view all of your art.

the only things I have right now, that I post art on, are this tumblr, instagram, and occasionally I post WIPs and stuff on my public twitter.

I don’t have a deviantart.

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jadiemeprivert Ask: I love your art so much it makes me tear up hahaha seriously I am awed at your skill and you inspire me to get better! Your inktober ones are simply to die for. And it's what brought me here. I think I shall stalk your blog for a while lol don't mind me :,

well well then, feel free to kick off your shoes and make yourself comfortable B)

(oh my gosh, thanks so much! I wish you all the best in your art quest!! 8v8 )

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I figured I would just upload the Inktober dailies here in batches, so I don’t clog up everyone’s dash.  Unless you guys want me to post them here more frequently, I may just do it at the end of each week, or something.

let me know if yal have a preference.
otherwise, I’ll keep trying to post them daily to instagram

Thanks and happy inking everybody! :D

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Inktober : days 1 - 4
(day 4’s outfit is referenced from this)

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snow-shadow-wolf Ask: Hello, may I ask: From what culture is Panna from? The head scarf looks beautiful! She is stunning!

she doesnt have a single set culture though, but more of a hodgepodge mixture of Turkish/Ottoman and Indian.

…now I want to draw her.  maybe for Inktober, she’ll get a day… or two… or five.

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catches the crumbs like snowflakes

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I just received word from the printers.  They will be shipping the books to me tomorrow.  IDK why it took so long for them to print the books.. but now I at least know where they are.

lies down on the floor.

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eskimmy replied to your post: sketchbook preorder update


LMAO i made sure to order several extras to have up for sale later :)  I’ll put them up after I’ve sent out all of the preorders.

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sketchbook preorder update

For those of you waiting, I talked to someone at the print shop about the books today. 

apparently, there was a miscommunication with one of their staff members (best way to explain it), but the guy I spoke to said they would be printed today.  HOPEFULLY he will expedite the shipping so I can have them by the weekend.

Thank you guys so much for waiting and being patient.

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beyondtheredstars Ask: Hi it's been a month since I ordered so I've become anxious. When will the preorders becoming in?

I’m getting real anxious as well.  I contacted the print company the other day and haven’t heard back from them yet.  If I don’t hear from them by tomorrow, I’m calling them and going to have a few choice words with em.

Sorry for the delay but thank you for being patient