its an off day today… i had a panic attack last night brought on by paranoia.  i cant tell if it was from my medication or just my mind going crazy, but, now im too freaked out to take my pain killers. i still have a week’s worth of recovery to deal with and i know without the relief from pain its going to be a long long week.

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  2. thevelosarahptor said: *huggggggggggggggggg* *all of the hugs you deserve all of them okay*
  3. verticalforklift said: Aw ;n; I hope you’ll feel better soon!
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  7. versispellis said: I’m someone that’s prone to panic attacks, and following my last two surgeries, I took ibuprofen for the pain. You could call your doctor and inquire about the proper dosage. In the meantime, chin-up, and have a warm beverage. ♥ You’ll be okay.
  8. la-nita said: Oh wow, I never had panic attacks (I only have an idea of what they do), I’m so sorry this happened, I wish I had advices or something “try to relax” it’s an easy thing to say, hope you get better soon! Really soon! =.= (music might help?)
  9. venasaurusrex said: I hope you feel better soon and can get through the pain alright Ves. Stay strong. /hugs
  10. grisimu said: I hope you’ll be alright!
  11. sailorkami said: I hope you feel better soon, and get through this okay. ;n; If I could give you a great big hug, I would<3 Stay strong!
  12. macy-bee said: Feel better soon, Ves bby! <3 <3
  13. thecloudybrainedkasumi said: That sounds really stressful. Maybe you should try talking to your doctor, Ves. : < Either way, try to take it easy! Between medication and surgery your body is probably having a hard time, that might be why this happened. Take care of yourself~
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