was going through old artwork for fun, decided to redraw old pictures.

first one was done in 2004….i guess her shorts are kinda like “juicy” pants………. s-sob.

Not even gonna lie guys, most of my OCs from way back when were very magical-girl-esque. no exception here.  despite being a vampire, she was also a magical girl and had 3 companions and they fought bad guys.  


haters to the left.

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  1. la-nita said: Woow, I love so much to see the improvement in people’s art, sigh! your evolution is awesome! haters? where? I see none!
  2. lulles said: wow, your style has changed very much.
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  6. shereynia said: aww i had magical OC’s too xDD i think everybody had them back then :3 mine was Megumi and could fight with fire…
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  8. kelpls said: Oh my gosh! You’ve improved so much in every aspect! I’m glad you did this, it’s very inspiring! :>
  9. singerofthelost said: So cool to see what six years of work does for an artist!
  10. shewbs said: mmmm baby baby baby