Originally this was going to be a “help ves get to Baltimore so she can finally have a weekend away from Virginia” thing, but it has recently gotten more desperate to a “help ves get out of Virginia permanently” thing.  
I’ve been stuck in limbo hell trying to get a new job, and am currently in a very stressful situation that could eventually leave me with no place to live. So, I could really use the help.  


All commissions will be done digitally. Both OCs and Fanart/Fictional characters are perfectly fine, but I do have the right to refuse a request if I feel I have too much on my plate, or if I am uncomfortable with the request. please keep it PG13

■ No more than 3 characters per commission.
■ I will automatically use a white background for your picture, but if you would like a different color, or it to be transparent, please just let me know.
■ If you would like something more complex than what I have listed here, email me and we will discuss it.  
■ I will start your commission when I have been paid in full.  

Please use PAYPAL, in USD, for all payments. 
Email me at knpeck@gmail.com if you’re interested!


P.S. As an added bonus, if you order a commission from me, you will also receive a 15% off coupon code to use in my Storenvy shoppe!
*will get the code when I send the finished commission

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    So Cheap! Ask for more; the quality is outstanding.
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    Vestien is doing commissions and she is THE BEST. Normally I would get one, but I’m currently soooo broke. :(
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