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Since Jash drew me Anabelle, and said she missed her, I drew her again with her oc Caiden ;—; cause they were best friends ;—-;

sobs forever

(I would have put this in the reply, but I liked it so I wanted to give it its own post)

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i did some reminiscing instead of sleeping and then i wanted to draw vestien’s annabelle because shes still so kawaii and i miss her a lot ;;

SCREAM JASH 8———8  omg, youre such a cutie-pa-tootie!! 

THIS IS SO SWEET THANK YOU! I miss her, and you too <333 

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Anabelle \o/  the finished version of this one

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every once in a while I just have a need to draw Anabelle.  I really should draw her more often though.. I love her ;——;

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found a really old scribble of Anabelle in my files and decided to redraw it since I’ve not drawn her in a quite a while ;3;

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was meant to be a warm up sketch… but its a bit late now

maybe I’ll add color tomorrow for my warm up :O

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a lot of yal said you missed Anabelle;;
sorry its just a quick before-bedtime doodle, so I’ll try to draw her again after some rest <3

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Orangy started it…

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Audi told me to go ahead and submit it because who doesnt like boobs on their dash so here I am submitting it.

I dont actually care for holidays, but with all the love on my dash, I couldn’t resist drawing something lol… its only a little sketch thing, but, happy early valentine’s day?

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sorry for all the text posts.  i’ll upload a doodle for now ;3;

I rewatched the Utada Hikaru video for Passion recently and the opening really makes me wanna try to animate Anabelle flying ;3;  idk if i will, or even have the time to do it.. but, its a thought

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commissioner let me draw whomever I wanted ;w;

Hi again Anabelle~

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just some late night traditional doodling. i feel like i haven’t touched my markers in years……..

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Sorry this isnt too good.  havent drawn in days….but, Shay has been wanting me to draw Annie in a swimsuit for a while. So.. here you go.

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