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: D

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I really need to use more traditional media cause its really quite calming  


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drawing her makes me happy.

07.21.14 Pannaocsscribblesart
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what a loser.

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There’s a lot of stuff I draw that just doesn’t make it to tumblr for whatever reason.  This happened to be one of them….

So, enjoy a Sailor Fionna and Cake, saving the Land of Ooo with an Adventurous Might.

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my very overdue art trade with @mightier of her OC, Calibri. 
thanks again for trading with me! 8w8

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I’ve been having a really hard time drawing lately.  I think my stress level has shot back up again, and its making it really hard to focus.  I’ve had several scribbles in my sketchbook, and a few digital things, but this is the only one I’ve liked enough to post.

I haven’t drawn Kinsley in a really long time, but it was nice to give her a little love.  I adjusted a couple of her features to look a little more like Indy (who belongs to Audi), as opposed to Anabelle’s.

i miss our little super bird fam ;H;

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colored pencils on toned paper

follow me on instagram for wips, people facing left, and other nonsense.

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recently I cut off most of my hair, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt as adorable as I do now <3

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I was pretty dang happy with my colors on this one :)

commissioned by meganekk0

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a handful of sketch commissions :)

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Since I am getting to the end of my commissions list, I went back to look through my finished pieces, and I got to this one.  
I was pretty proud of myself for doing something a just little different with my colors.  Switching things up every once in a while, even if its small, can help put a little spice back into your art-life, or, at least it does with mine.  


commissioned by heyseamoose

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Commission for May, of her and Sarah’s OCs. I was very fortunate to be able to draw these two cuties ;;  Thanks again!

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Since I’ve been a little overwhelmed and stressed out lately, I thought I would take a small break from everything and draw something completely different.  

This was a contest entry I drew up with a Harry Potter theme.  Sadly, I did not place, but I still really liked the picture, so I figured I would post it.

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Commission for cielaqur :) 

tumblr didnt want me to post a larger version.  what a butthole