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wips for con…although some of these will probably never be finished… oTL
It’s going to be easier for me to crank out original prints than it will fanart… but, i have plans to make a bunch of new fanart buttons.  

wish me luck that I finish everything by fanime… weep

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I don’t have a favorite, but my twitter friends really like Bolin so

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Orangy started it…

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fun fact: Bulbasaur was my first ever pokemon when the games originally released.

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(sorry for the repost)

I’m reading the manga now though.  the artwork is super pretty.  I’m loving all the patterns and textures!

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Magi sketch break

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I’ve been rewatching Card Captor Sakura today. couldnt resist sketching something :3  

her outfits were are moe kyaaa

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I promise I’ll post something nice soon oTL

p.s. Happy late birthday Superman

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so many WIPs on my computer..

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I drew Shep… but I didn’t like it… so instead I drew Arpegius

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Motion drew Arpegius….and I just had to draw Stella……..cough

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sometimes I forget I have male OCs…..

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i bought this little sketchbook to doodle in when its slow at work.. but i keep using it for notes instead.  but.. i managed to draw something in it.

sorry for the lack of updates… im having trouble focusing lately i havent taken my medication in a few days oops

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some sketchbook doodles from tonight

01.25.12 QiaoHo-ohgijinkaKrigsketchartocschicken scratch
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some quick clothing sketches for Xiu.  you guys really seem to like the digital clothing sketches I did for Qiao, so when I am comfortable working digitally again, I will try to do some more.  for now, just paper sketches.  love you guys.

01.19.12 krigXiuXatugijinkasketchartocschicken scratch