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Inktober : days 1 - 4
(day 4’s outfit is referenced from this)

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There’s a lot of stuff I draw that just doesn’t make it to tumblr for whatever reason.  This happened to be one of them….

So, enjoy a Sailor Fionna and Cake, saving the Land of Ooo with an Adventurous Might.

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a handful of sketch commissions :)

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Since I’ve been a little overwhelmed and stressed out lately, I thought I would take a small break from everything and draw something completely different.  

This was a contest entry I drew up with a Harry Potter theme.  Sadly, I did not place, but I still really liked the picture, so I figured I would post it.

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I love Barbara ;H;

ALSO, this design is up on tee-shirts/tanks for the next week!!  :D  How exciting!  

Be sure to get one while you can!

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recently I marathoned Fushigi Yuugi again, and even though I don’t really draw much fanart, I decided I would do a little something. esp since Fushigi Yuugi was one of my very first animes.

my love of 90’s animes is ridiculous.

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YEY I FINISHED!  I learned a lot of little things while working on this.  nothing super huge, but enough to make things a little easier later on \o/

I’ll have this printed for AnimeUSA.  

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WIPs of some Sailor Moon prints for AnimeUSA. 
eventually I want to do all the main scouts in their original uniforms, but I think I will only have enough time to finish these 2…fingers crossed. 
plus I wanna see if I can make the little Luna and Artemis doodle into stickers or something… still deciding.

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OMGBEF so Hannibal just aired on the east coast and… SEDRFGYHJIKLKOJIGYFGVBHFE……..

…….i just have so many feels.


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i got this drawing of the best eliatrope from vestien on tumblr! she draws super cool stuff and you should totally encourage her to get into wakfu

fffffff <3 i loved drawing his beard, for whatever reason.  obv this means i need an oc with a long beard. or just give Milo an epic beard.

Thanks Stephanie for commissioning me!

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I’m really excited for the new Sailor Moon anime ;3;

(outfit based on this prelim design )

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love love Madoka <3

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Holy smokes, guys. I just got my commissions from @vestien of Alana and Marko from SAGA and they are freaking gorgeous. I’m just gonna stop trying to be an artist now.

I had a lot of fun doing these two.  I also feel like I am getting better at drawing dudes…even if just once in a while LMAO

You guys should go read SAGA! :D

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traditional coloring is so therapeutic sometimes

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doodled last month.  forgot to post oops