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since I drew Willa, it was only right to also draw Milo ;3; 

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my Ho-oh. lookin fly like a mofoin’ gangsta

on another note: I really like coloring with my square brush and the mosaic type pattern it can make. 

10.01.12 ocsQiaoho-ohgijinkaart
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got a little carried away with the sketch lol

09.13.12 ocsQiaokriggijinkascribblesart
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08.25.12 krigXuiXatugijinkaocsartscribbles
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its always relaxing to scribble on paper every once in a while =w=

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my little poliwhirl gijinka~ u3u

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03.07.12 QiaogijinkaHo-ohocsart
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I really like ruffles okay….

03.07.12 XiuPokemongijinkaXatuOCsart
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some sketchbook doodles from tonight

01.25.12 QiaoHo-ohgijinkaKrigsketchartocschicken scratch
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some quick clothing sketches for Xiu.  you guys really seem to like the digital clothing sketches I did for Qiao, so when I am comfortable working digitally again, I will try to do some more.  for now, just paper sketches.  love you guys.

01.19.12 krigXiuXatugijinkasketchartocschicken scratch
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one of Qiao’s younger siblings, Xiu.  She’s studying politics.

01.17.12 krigXiuXatugijinkasketchartocschicken scratch
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I had a little time at work a couple days ago (we get 0 customers at 8am), so I pulled out a little notebook at scribbled down some backstory ideas for my Ho-oh

including her being a yankee at one point 

01.16.12 Ho-ohQiaokriggijinkasketchartocschicken scratch
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figured I’d upload these for yal to see.  The first one is the full outfit for this picture.  just wanted to have a little fun creating some different outfits/hair styles for my gijinka :)

01.01.12 gijinkaQiaoHo-ohsketchartkrigocschicken scratch
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revamped my Ho-Oh gijinka, Qiao

12.31.11 gijinkaHo-ohQiaoartkrigSO EXCITED FOR KRIGocs
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doodled her again.  I named her Claudia :O

10.22.11 gijinkaeeljinkaOCsart