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pre-order sketches are underway!

PS. I’ve already received a couple requests, but, if you’ve preordered my sketchbook, and have a request for one of my ocs, or like.. a 90s anime character cause they’re the best that ever was then shoot me a message somehow and i’ll try to work that in :) thanks!

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so many people on my dash have been using gold in their inktobers, and i wanted to try it too :O

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today was a very long day, so I only had enough energy to do something small for today’s ink daily.

10.12.14 inktoberLaenocstraditionalart
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mama Jaz for inktober.

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Inktober : days 1 - 4
(day 4’s outfit is referenced from this)

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: D

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drawing her makes me happy.

07.21.14 Pannaocsscribblesart
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what a loser.

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issuh Ask: What is Tyr to Jae


im so sorry issa…

06.03.14 issuhocsJason FeyTyr
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I’ve been having a really hard time drawing lately.  I think my stress level has shot back up again, and its making it really hard to focus.  I’ve had several scribbles in my sketchbook, and a few digital things, but this is the only one I’ve liked enough to post.

I haven’t drawn Kinsley in a really long time, but it was nice to give her a little love.  I adjusted a couple of her features to look a little more like Indy (who belongs to Audi), as opposed to Anabelle’s.

i miss our little super bird fam ;H;

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colored pencils on toned paper

follow me on instagram for wips, people facing left, and other nonsense.

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my little Jaz baby

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Redrawing old OCs for stress relief

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Since Jash drew me Anabelle, and said she missed her, I drew her again with her oc Caiden ;—; cause they were best friends ;—-;

sobs forever

(I would have put this in the reply, but I liked it so I wanted to give it its own post)