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my little Jaz baby

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Redrawing old OCs for stress relief

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Since Jash drew me Anabelle, and said she missed her, I drew her again with her oc Caiden ;—; cause they were best friends ;—-;

sobs forever

(I would have put this in the reply, but I liked it so I wanted to give it its own post)

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Brush ink

09.28.13 Lihauocstraditionalart
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originally, I just wanted to fix her nose, but kinda ended up basically redoing the whole thing.  lmaooo…  only tweaked a little of the lineart, changing mostly just her face and colors oHo

yes. good.

I like going back and fixing old artworks.  It’s neat seeing them side by side and realizing the improvements. :) 

09.21.13 Qiaoocsart
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I am ashamed of myself and how much I love slice of life stories that take place in school… cries.  so I tossed everyone from my WIP fantasy story that still has no title into a school AU that I thought about this morning while in the shower.

I have a problem.

i should just make this a thing instead of trying to finish writing a fantasy story oTL

08.31.13 ocsJu'adAriyaFarrenLihauRowyanPannascribblesart
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Anonymous Ask: OC MEME questions!: 1, 5, 6, 14, 19, 24!

omg, thats a lot of them lol… i dont have time to do all of them RN, but i may go back later and just do all the others another time.
i did 14 already but…

1. Tallest to shortest )

image Farren is obviously the tallest… hes like a giant, just kick him in the back of the knees and he’ll tumble down like a dork tree in the forest.  
Kinsley is the shortest as of rn.  shes only like… 11 tho.  she’ll be about average height when shes older.  so, if this was for who is the shortest “adult” then it would have been Lihau.. who is, ironically, in the same story as Farren. lol.  (I didn’t count Panna in this cause i thought it would be unfair u—u)

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sailorkami Ask: 14 please! c:

14. Most Fashionable)


probably Panna and Qiao.  Panna because all her clothing has fancy embroidery all over it and I really like putting her in pretty things.  Qiao on the other hand is royalty so shes always super fashionable and elegant.

08.12.13 PannaQiaoocsartscribbles
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Anabelle \o/  the finished version of this one

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wanted to draw the ladies of my upcoming story that still has no name…sob mostly to get their face shapes down ;3;


i just wanna draw ladies forever.

04.22.13 ocsRowaynPannaLihauAriyascribblesart
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today has been a very…very long day.

04.10.13 ocsJu'adscribblesart
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you guys are gonna make Panna dokidoki into tomorrow ;3;

04.03.13 scribblesPannaocsart
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I drew a thing.
really need to post more on their story….told Sirrre I would.. so.. here’s something for right now lol.

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found a really old scribble of Anabelle in my files and decided to redraw it since I’ve not drawn her in a quite a while ;3;